About Us

High Risk Credit Card Processor

High Risk Credit Card Processor is a leading payment processor with various types of High Risk Merchant Accounts including the domestic High Volume Merchant Accounts and Offshore Accounts. We are one of the most reliable and affordable payment processors in the industry with years of experience in providing the high risk services to merchants.

At, High Risk Credit Card Processor we have a team of industry veterans with years of industry experience in providing the merchant services. Our team works diligently with our clientele in order to understand their requirements and enable them with the most suitable services. For this we have also adopted numerous key objectives as a point of focus for all our services and products.

We offer the payment processing with more than 20 different processing sources including the US/Domestic banks, offshore banks, 3rd Party Processors, ACH/Check Processors and many more.

Data security: With High Risk Credit Card Processor, being known for its high level of security for sensitive payment from end-to-end through both encryption and tokenization.

Flexibility in Data Protection: High Risk Credit Card Processor protects and tokenizes various types of data which includes the payment card data and ACH information. We also help various organizations in protecting data outside of the transaction processing stream.

Variety of payments methods: High Risk Credit Card Processor offers secure end-to-end payment solutions that enable businesses to pay commissions quickly, saves a lot of time and also divide the payment in multiple parties.

Industry Oriented Solutions: At High Risk Credit Card Processor we understand the payment solution suitable for a particular industry and offer the same to our clients. With our vast industry experience we are able to do this and allow our clients to have the unique solutions of meeting the payments for their businesses.

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