Off Shore Merchant Accounts

Off Shore Merchant Accounts

Specializing in Offshore Merchant Accounts

Offshore Merchant Accounts also known as an international merchant account is the transaction processing for special merchant accounts having high risk involved business, history of charge-backs or bad credit. Offshore credit card processing enables the business that are not allowed to do transactions and also don’t qualify for the traditional processing and are restricted from availing the benefits of approval standards overseas.

Earlier, several companies were restricted to transact in the US due to the policies and to answer this drawback the offshore merchant accounts are brought in use. Most of the accounts works online and offer the most secured and affordable modes of transactions and may not have to deal with abac compliance other kinds of regulations.

The offshore services are boon for several such organizations and businesses which carry a huge amount of risk and yet can take the advantages of comfortable transactions due to the Offshore Merchant Accounts.

Benefits of offshore merchant accounts

The basic benefit is that, it helps the high risk merchant process payments. With offshore merchant accounts the merchants can enjoy the high profits with low to no taxes on the transactions. Normal taxation rules do not apply on the merchant account if located offshore, and this is the key reason which enables the high risk merchants to take some risks in order to expand their businesses.

Why Choosing High Risk Credit Card Processor for Offshore Merchant Accounts?

High Risk Credit Card Processor assists clients with opening Off-shore merchant accounts and run them smoothly. We have some of the best industry experienced personnel in our team helping our clients globally in having the smooth functioning of their accounts and so that they can have all their focus on their business only!

High Risk Credit Card Processor offers offshore merchant account credit card processing for adult businesses, online pharmacies, legal escort services, and other business types. The company also provides a payment gateway and virtual terminal, support for multiple currencies, and credit and debit processing.

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